Practical Introduction to Conservation Retrofit: A new course developed by NEP & UKH

As part of their Conservation Retrofit Catalyst project, Nottingham Energy Partnership are working with UK Hempcrete to jointly develop an accredited course for the appropriate retrofit of traditionally constructed (‘pre-1919’) buildings.

The Practical Introduction to Conservation Retrofit Course will be an Level 2 accredited practical short course delivered over 8 days. The course aims to improve living standards, reduce fuel poverty and minimise carbon emissions by giving people who are working in the retrofit industry the skills and knowledge they need to work on buildings which were constructed with solid walls and natural materials such as brick, lime, stone and timber.

We wrote this hands-on 8 week Practical Introduction to Conservation Retrofit course for anyone seeking to learn the principles and practice of successful retrofitting traditionally constructed buildings.

Alex Sparrow, UK Hempcrete

By addressing the deficit of skilled contractors by building a robust workforce specialising in the retrofit of traditional buildings, the project will Increase supply chain capacity in the retrofit of traditional buildings, establishing a network of skilled and accredited tradespeople who understand the specific needs of these buildings during the retrofit process.

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