A Journey into Heat Loss: Insulation, Membranes and Tapes!

In the third week of our ‘Practical Introduction to Conservation Retrofit’ course, our pilot cohort delved into the important topic of heat loss and appropriate insulation techniques for traditional buildings. In the morning, our theory class involved experiments to measure heat loss, with our afternoon was filled with hands-on experiences of insulation, membranes, and tapes.

Classroom Experiments: A Journey into Heat Loss

Our experiment involved filling jars with boiling water and covering them with various materials. The goal was simple yet profound: to track and understand how different materials and levels of airtightness impact temperature over a span of 20 minutes. This experiment provided tangible insights into factors that can affect heat retention and loss.

Getting Hands-On with Insulation Techniques

After grasping the science of heat loss, students explored practical insulation applications.

1. Insulating Suspended Floors and Roofs with Natural Fibre Batts

Students learned to install eco-friendly natural fibre batts to insulate suspended floors and roofs effectively. This hands-on activity allowed them to experience the process of installing insulation in existing buildings efficiently, considering environmental sustainability and materials compatible with the existing building fabric.

2. The Art of External Wall Insulation

Students tackled the challenge of insulating traditional houses with external wall insulation, using rigid wood fibre insulation, a material renowned for its sustainable properties and vapour permeability. They learned that in traditional solid wall construction, maintaining vapour permeability is crucial for preserving the building’s integrity and performance.

Week 3 of our course provided students with a profound understanding of heat loss and practical insulation techniques. Equipped with these skills, our cohort is ready to drive sustainable change in the conservation retrofit industry. Stay tuned for more updates as we explore airtightness and ventilation, plastering and rendering using lime, and much more. This course is shaping the next generation of conservation retrofit experts.


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